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Whispers of a Killer by

“We the jury find the defendant, Rachel Iris Chester, guilty.” With those words, Sylvia Harbinger’s life as an NYPD detective is over. Sylvia is done with serial killers, done with therapy, and done with a New York City now rife with WHISPs—the creepy, grey shadows of her nightmares. She and husband Ben have a deal. She retires and they both move to Montana to escape the WHISP phenomenon. It is the only way to save their marriage after the Chester case, even if it leaves their WHISP-affected son, Lincoln, behind. Then the phone rings. Chester’s in jail, yet there’s been a copycat murder, and Sylvia can’t let the case go. If she missed something the first time, this new blood is on her hands. Ben gives her a month to work the case, but can their marriage survive that long? And as Sylvia digs deeper into the depths of the source of her phobia, how long will her sanity survive?


The Moon Above by Brett Davis

In memory of Jean Marcel Nicolas/Johnny Nicholas, a Haitian in the Dora camp who pretended to be a U.S. Airman. This tale is what his life might have been like had that been true. The tale of a Tuskegee Airman. Johnny Nicholas’s dream is to fly airplanes—an impossible dream for a Black man in 1930s America. After WWII started, the Army launches an experimental program to train Black pilots in Tuskegee, Alabama. Against this parents’ wishes, Johnny boards a train headed to the segregated South. But even the rising death toll of World War II may not be enough incentive for the government to allow Black pilots to fly bombers. As Johnny grows convinced that the war will end before he sees a battlefield, the Tuskegee airmen are ordered to the European front. In Italy, reality quickly dispels his daydream fantasies of dogfights and glory, and one unshakeable Jerry on his bomber’s tail paves the way to a hell that few men escape and a mountain of bones that reach to the moon.


Duty and Desire, Book One in the Winds of Fire series by Anju Gattani

To uphold family honor and tradition, Sheetal Prasad is forced to forsake the man she loves and marry playboy millionaire Rakesh Dhanraj while the citizens of Raigun, India, watch in envy. On her wedding night, however, Sheetal quickly learns that the stranger she married is as cold as the marble floors of the Dhanraj mansion.Forced to smile at family members and cameras and pretend there’s nothing wrong with her marriage, Sheetal begins to discover that the family she married into harbors secrets, lies and deceptions powerful enough to tear apart her world. With no one to rely on and no escape, Sheetal must ally with her husband in an attempt to protect her infant son from the tyranny of his family.