Shameless Lords and Virtuous Ladies

Only a man with secrets can save her…

Lanora cares nothing for love, marriage, dances or gowns. She cares about people and family. When the rakish Lord William courts her, Lanora sets out to discover what dark secrets motivate him. If she doesn’t learn the truth in time, those she loves could suffer a lifetime of hardship.

A LADY’S BOOK OF LOVE by Louisa Cornell
Sir Stirling James, the man Society calls The Marriage Maker, is back this Season to work his magic at uniting couples—and never has his talent been more tested.

Miss Emmaline Peachum needs a hero. She’ll settle for a husband, however, if he can rescue her reputation from further scandal and save her beloved library from the bailiff and his henchmen. But what sort of gentleman will agree to marry the daughter of England’s most notorious swindler?

After eighteen years in His Majesty’s Navy, Captain Lord Arthur Farnsworth wants to retire to the life of a country gentleman. But first, he must discharge his final duty to his men and retrieve the money that was swindled from them.

Sir Stirling James offers the captain the perfect opportunity to find the missing funds. Arthur will marry the bookish hoyden whose father cheated his men of their last farthing and seduce her into telling him where the money can be found.

The problem with this plan lies with the defiant, beautiful, and wickedly witty Miss Emmaline Peachum, who must have inherited her father’s larcenous tendencies. While Captain Farnsworth is intent on retribution, she is stealing his heart.

Love is worth breaking rank for…

England’s clumsiest lady? Lady T debuts in awkward style. – The London Examiner, Wednesday 23rd August, 1811.

After years of dreaming of her debut, Lilith finally entered into Society. However, Society was not ready for Lady Lilith. After stepping on too many toes, spilling wine on too many bosoms, and insulting everyone who was anyone, Lilith is ready to retire from Society altogether.

Her sister-in-law Catherine has other ideas. With a grand ball coming up, Catherine and her once-famed bluestocking sisters intend to ensure Lilith has another chance to find that elusive handsome gentleman who will sweep her off her feet.

After her father’s scandal leaves Lady Ella and her young brother penniless on the streets of Edinburg and her brother stripped of his title, Ella survives by washing clothes. Efforts to keep her young brother out of the local street thugs’ clutches fail miserably, and she fears he is headed for prison. But the evening he steals a watch from The Demon Earl puts them at the earl’s mercy in ways she never imagined possible.

Ashton Strachan, Earl of Dundee, has lived his life under the shadow that earned him the nickname The Demon Earl, murderer of his own father. Desperate to settle the matter of his inheritance, he agrees to his grandmother’s dictate that he marry. Sir Stirling James proposes a marriage of convenience. Only, the bride comes with a scandal even greater than that of The Demon Earl. Worse, Ashton finds that being married to an innocent temptress isn’t convenient at all.

LOVE LOST by Amy Corwin
A greater love is found when all love seems lost

When Grace Stainton learns that her adored Mr. Blyth is about to marry a wealthy heiress, she rushes home to convince him to marry her instead. Love is far more important than money or social position, and Grace is sure he will agree if she can only talk to him. Unfortunately, she arrives too late.

Mr. Blyth is dead. Worse, Lord Glanville, the brother of Mr. Blyth’s wealthy betrothed, discovers her bending over the body with blood on her gloves. He is convinced that Grace killed Mr. Blyth in a fit of jealous rage and, despite their growing attraction, he seems determined to prove her guilt.