The Marriage Maker Firsts V. I

Worth of a Lady by Sue-Ellen Welfonder and Tarah Scott

No one guessed that an innocent would bring the Devil of Delny to his knees…

Spinster Chastity Hamilton is the Duke of Roxburgh’s heir. Her father insists she marry. She insists that the man who wins her hand must first find matches for her three younger sisters. Sir Stirling James takes up the challenge, and the sisters are shocked when he announces the engagement of their youngest sister to the Devil of Delny.

When Quin Ramsey’s surrogate brother Sir Stirling James informs him he is to wed the fourth daughter of a lesser duke, he refuses. But when he waltzes with the lovely innocent, he realizes that he wants no other man to waltz with her

One Good Gentleman by Summer Hanford

Her virtue or her dreams . . . which must she abandon?

Emilia Glasbarr doesn’t want to be a country miss with a yard full of geese and a scant handful of neighbors. She wants the music, theatre and art found in Scotland’s capital city. She’s sunk her every resource into finishing school to find a city-dwelling husband. Unfortunately, the only man interested wants her for a far less savory purpose.

A Scoundrel in the Making by Tarah Scott

Wanted: Gentleman turned rogue…

Retired spy Abigail Matheson has inherited the title of Marchioness of Buchman upon the death of her cousin. The title, which her cousin inherited from her father, should never have been hers. But that annoyance is forgotten when The Raven, Abigail’s superior, introduces her to Sir Stirling James. They request her assistance on one final mission: find the stolen crown jewels of Scotland.

Abigail accepts this unexpected opportunity in hopes of forgetting the young French spy she killed on her last assignment. When The Raven and Sir Stirling inform her that she will be working with Lord Reade, a rake of the first order, Abigail, who’s always worked alone, plans to ignore the partnership and complete this mission alone.

Lord Reade, brother to Robert Murdock, the Earl of Kinwall, has been given the opportunity to gamble with men who can afford to lose a lot of money. And a lot of money is exactly what Reade needs if he is to save his family’s ancestral home from creditors and prevent his brother’s family from being forced onto the streets. The catch: he must work with a beautiful spy to find the thief who stole the Honors of Scotland. Surely, he can ignore her long enough to salvage his family’s fortune. The string of suitors determined to be the next Marquess of Buchman prove too much a distraction, however, and Reade is forced to take matters into his own hands.

The Lady in Pearls by Lauren Smith

After Daphne Westfall’s father is convicted and imprisoned for forgery, she is turned out onto the streets of London during a particularly cruel winter. Owning nothing more than her late mother’s pearl necklace, Daphne’s only hope of survival is to take her chances at a marriage auction.

Lachlan Grant, Earl of Huntley, wants revenge against the counterfeiter who drove his brother to suicide. When he discovers that Westfall’s daughter is selling herself into marriage, Lachlan knows he’s found the perfect revenge. But Daphne Westfall isn’t the spoiled brat he expected to marry, and on their journey north to Scotland, he learns that exacting revenge upon another innocent victim of Westfall’s crimes is beyond his capability. As respect and affection turn into love, Lachlan tentatively imagines a future free of pain and loss. That is, unless Daphne learns that their engagement was built upon a foundation of revenge.