Alexandrea Lane

Alexandrea Lane married her high school sweetheart a couple of years after graduating. They have three children together. After decades of reading paranormal romance, historical romance and contemporary romance she found that she wanted to write the perfect book which later became a need to write the perfect series. Many years of talking about writing gave way to her husband and closest friends (her awesome book club) urging her to give it a shot. Alex lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. When she isn’t spending time with her husband and children she is reading or writing. Alex’s favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, but her favorite book boyfriend is Mr. Knightley.

Missing Pieces

 Book One

Children of Fate

Samantha Harris escaped her childhood home with her life…and a soul-deep distrust of men. So when a handsome stranger offers to give her a ride home in the rain, she’s confused by her impulse to trust him.  When he tells her she’s a half-human leathoes—a being that releases human souls right before they die—her world, and the life she’s struggled to build, turns inside out.

Laine Knightley is a full-blooded leathoes and the son of one of the Sisters of Fate. Tasked with protecting Samantha until her transition into a leathoes is complete, he begins to question his species’ disdain of humans. Worse, he’s falling in love with his half-blood charge, and doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to protect her from her stepfather, the man whose secrets she carries.

book one, Children of Fate, coming Soon…

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