Elizabeth Roderick

Elizabeth is the author of Love and Money, Hoodlum Army, and The Other Place Series, as well as many short stories in various anthologies. The Tales from Purgatory Series has been contracted by Scarsdale Publishing.

She built a tiny house, and homesteads in Eastern Washington along with her daughter and way too many animals. She is a musician and songwriter, and has played in many bands—mostly guitar, bass and keyboards. You can find two albums of her original music at pimentointhehole.com.

Elizabeth’s stories are about love, death, gang warfare, and madness, with characters of the type that society generally shuns: addicts, convicts, and the neurodivergent. She is a neurodivergent person and a disability rights activist.

Elizabeth believes if people get to know those who live on the fringes of society, both in stories and in real life, they’ll find them more likeable than they originally thought.

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