About our Courses

Scarsdale Publishing Literary Courses are a series of online offerings for writers, readers, or just general book lovers. Scarsdale Publishing Literary Courses are taught online by our published authors, editors and other industry professionals with lecture and workshop experience. Courses will cover a variety of topics ranging from the craft of writing to critical themes in literature. From intensive workshops to month-long courses, participants will grow their knowledge, share their work, join a community of peers, and access valuable resources. Courses are conducted live online and/or on the Scarsdale forum.

At Scarsdale Publishing, we believe that imagination has no limits. Explore your imagination with us and sign up for our courses today.

Benefits of our Courses

What do you get as a registrant for one of our courses? Our goal is for course registrants to gain a variety of benefits:

  • Access to the Scarsdale Publishing network of authors, editors, and publishers. Do you have a manuscript you’re thinking of submitting?
  • Connection to other course registrants- socialize in these times of quarantine!
  • Relevant skills and knowledge- you’ll finish our How to Write Romance course with a strong grasp on the foundational elements of a romance novel.
How it Works

If you’re interested in one of our courses, you can see the course availability in the product listing. Each course meets once a week for a month. Course meetings take place on Zoom and pre- and post-meeting discussions happen in our online forum. The forum is where you’ll get the latest course updates, course materials, and messages from the instructor.

When you make your course purchase, you’ll be given a forum registration link, which is the account you’ll use to interact on our website. Take a look at our Forum Rules and FAQ for more information.

Current Course Offerings

We are currently offering the below courses. The next round of courses is taking place in early 2022. Please click on the individual courses below for more details and information on the schedule, contents, and instructor.

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Join the Scarsdale Publishing Literary Courses Facebook Group for course announcements, scheduling updates, and networking with instructors and other registrants. If you’re considering a course, join the group to see what it’s all about. Or if you’ve already taken a course with us, join to stay in touch with the Scarsdale Publishing community!



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