Kaila Woelk

Kaila Woelk was born in Tsumeb, Namibia before moving to Harare, Zimbabwe when she was six. Though she was a middle child, she was also the only girl and so grew up pretty spoiled. Growing up a tomboy, playing rough with her brothers prepped her to write strong female characters that are just as strong and capable as their male counterparts. Not that it isn’t nice to be saved from time to time.

A love of magic was fostered with Harry Potter, sparking a deep desire to be the Chosen One. In high school, Kaila wrote stories about boys before giving it all up to get a Masters degree in social sciences. In the last few years, she’s gone back to writing, this time combining her love of stories about boys with her passion for social issues. She starts every morning off watering her plants with her dog before settling down with her laptop to dream up the fantasy worlds she secretly wants to live in.

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