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A Stranger's GambleLords of Chance, Book 3

Sophie Shaw has no intention of cooperating with her father’s plan to marry her to an impoverished marquess. She intends to enjoy her freedom into her dotage while remaining under the not-so-watchful eye of her father. Then, and only then, will she consider marriage to a man who does not need her money.

Adam Scott, Earl of Monthemer, lost his father, wealth, and the woman he loved all in the same day. When his father lost a game of cards at Madam Fleming’s Gaming Hall—the same establishment owned by the woman Adam had planned to marry—the old marquess returned home and shot himself. As the new Marquess of Monthemer, Adam does the unthinkable. He sells their remaining valuables and pays his father’s creditors.

Before he can retreat to the small Highland estate entailed to the Monthemer title, live his dream of raising horses, and forget the woman who ripped apart his life and soul, he must locate and marry a wealthy heiress. A marriage of convenience will save his home, and possibly damn what remains of his heart to hell.

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