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November 15, 2024


February 15, 2025

All prizes will be awarded no later than March 15, 2025



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Sharona Wilhelm

Ashley Hill

Jackie Kuo

Scarsdale Publishing is a full-service publisher. There is no cost to the author for publishing with Scarsdale Publishing.

All decisions by Scarsdale Publishing competition editors are final.

Any books received that do not fit the competition criteria will not be considered for competition.

Contest Rules
  • Books must fit current competition criteria.
  • Novels must be completed and between 45,000-110,000 words.
  • Authors must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Work must be original work. No AI written works.
  • Author must be owner and hold copyright of submitted work.
  • Books cannot be previously published in any manner.
  • Novels submitted to Scarsdale Publishing remain the property of the author.
  • First book of a series is allowed, but if book is chosen, author must submit detailed synopsis of next two books in series and the series must be accepted for contract.
  • All entries are to be made electronically.
  • The $25 entry fee is the only fee for entering the Scarsdale Publishing contest. All awards and perks will be awarded to qualifying authors with no further cost to the author.
  • No refunds on entry fee.
Submission Guidelines
  • Upon confirmation of payment, submit full novel in Word format to
  • Manuscript must be formatted as follows:
    • Arial font 12 point
    • Double spaced
    • Normal margins.
  • Authors must include in the upper left-hand corner of first page of manuscript:
    • Name
    • genre
    • word count
    • email address
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