Rake Ruiner

…hate is only a kiss away from love.

When her husband dies in a duel over another woman, Charlotte Fairhaven sets childish notions of love aside in favor of something more reliable – pleasure. Unfortunately, the gentlemen of Scotland have little appreciation for her newfound freedom. Offers of marriage abound, driving her to a remote corner of the Highlands to evade her admirers. There, Charlotte discovers the most aggravating man she’s ever met, and the only one with any hope to mend her heart.

Marrying the Belle of Edinburgh

A foul murder, a beautiful widow, and one man who will risk everything for love.

On a dark and lonely road, a masked gunman ends the life of the dashing Lord Carlyle. Distraught but determined, Helena, the bewitching Belle of Edinburgh, reenters London’s glittering society bent on tracking down her husband’s murderer.

Lord William Brandon has spent torturous days and desperate nights in love with his best friend’s wife. He resolves to marry another with the help of the Marriage Maker, but when the Belle of Edinburgh appears at a ball and asks for his help, he once again is powerless to resist her. William sees a chance to win Helena’s heart if he can solve the mystery of Lord Carlyle’s death, but first he must track a killer’s footsteps down a dark and lonely road.

Seduction of a Widow

She intended to win the race… He intended to win her heart.

Evan MacLaren prefers the thrills of the high seas. The sea might be fickle, but not as fickle as a woman. Yet Lady Carr’s adventurous spirit calls to him just as the sea does. Here is a woman as free and dangerous as the sea. But what must he sacrifice to have her?

Twice widowed, Lady Leslie Carr has never been in love. That suits her just fine. She is better off without a man. Oh, men can be quite enjoyable on a cold winter’s night or a walk in the garden. Beyond those pleasurable moments, however, they are a bore. So why does a young buccaneer make her want forever?

Widow’s Treasure

The real treasure of Ardbeag is not Jacobite gold…

Two years after her husband’s death, Lady Derwent is finally enjoying a life of freedom, fun and delicious intrigue. She travels to the Scottish Highlands only to sell the estate of Ardbeag, but when Stirling James suggests Rob Ogilvy of Lochgarron as a possible buyer, her plans begin to unravel.

Rob believes the scandalous English widow has set her wicked sights on his nephew. But after only one masked encounter with her, he determines to make her his own. Unfortunately, the widow is equally determined never to be caught again in the marriage trap, even by the devastating, untamed Mr. Ogilvy, who is unlike anyone she has ever met.

Then thieves strike, threatening everyone and everything in their ruthless search for Bonnie Prince Charlie’s legendary treasure.


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