Miss Kyla Brodrick is determined to force her father out of the smuggling business. Her sister is about to marry a viscount, and her father isn’t yet wanted by the Crown. Once she convinces her mother to stop stealing jewels, they can live a normal life. If, that is, the new owners of Blackstone Abbey don’t discover the stolen goods hidden in the secret room below the abbey refectory.

Impoverished Viscount Ewan Fraser has accepted that even the hallowed grounds of Blackstone Abbey cannot exorcise his demons. Perhaps that is God’s punishment for failing to save his men. All he can hope for is the solitude of the abbey. But that small peace is shattered when he mistakes a beautiful smuggler for a ghost.

Lady Mackenzie has given much thought to falling in love, but didn’t plan on falling in love with a Beast of Blackstone Abbey. She fell from her horse and he saved her. True, he is a scoundrel, but even scoundrels can fall in love.
Lord Liam Fraser has seen enough war to last a lifetime. He plans to stand by his brother’s side and work the land of Blackstone Abbey. A lady’s company is welcome on a cold Highland night. But marriage? Nae—especially not to a spoiled earl’s daughter. No matter how willing—or beautiful—she might be. If she insists, he will have to prove that scoundrels don’t fall in love.

Captain Logan Graham hoped to find peace and solitude at Blackstone Abbey, but painful memories from the battlefield, along with his lingering injuries, refuse to let him rest. He’s not fit for polite company let alone a wife, especially not one as beautiful as the lady who arrives at his door at the behest of the Marriage Maker.

Fiona Ainsley is out of options. Desperate to find a way to keep herself and her brother out of a workhouse, she spends their last few coins to venture to the ruins of a remote abbey to meet her potential husband. But the grim man who greets her isn’t what she expected. Nor does he want her there. Yet the pain in Logan’s eyes draws her closer and makes her wonder if this Highlander could be her perfect match.

One kiss and Logan realizes there might be hope for a future after all, but only if he reveals a terrible secret that will surely send Fiona fleeing. Does he dare risk losing her for a chance at love?

Branded a deserter, Rhys Macleod has been stripped of his command, his title, and has been dishonorably discharged from the army. He has retreated to the quiet solitude of Blackstone Abbey in hopes of forgetting the country and family that has abandoned him. But his peace is shattered when his best friend’s sister shows up to avenge her brother’s death and Rhys comes face to face with his broken promise to care for his friends beautiful sister.

Emma Bamfield refuses to let her brother’s death go unpunished. The deserter who got him and the rest of his unit slaughtered on the battlefield must die. When Emma discovers Captain Rhys Macleod is but an hour’s ride from Inverness, she sets out to shoot him. But shooting a man in the back turns out to be more difficult than Emma expected.


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