Lessons in love can only be learned by the heart…

After being jilted by a mere shipping merchant in favor of her younger sister, Georgiana Addington is certain nothing worse can possibly befall her. Until the most inappropriate man in London asks her to dance. After a scandalous waltz that sets the gossips’ tongues wagging, the next morning, the man shows up in her family’s drawing room and announces his intentions to court her. Captain Ethan Dorrill dresses like a pirate, irritates her to the point of madness, and kisses like her heart’s desire. Determined to thwart his attentions, Georgiana sets him the most ridiculous tasks ever asked of a suitor. She must persuade him to abandon this ill-conceived courtship before she loses her heart.

To save his sister from a terrible marriage, Captain Ethan Dorrill must succumb to his grandfather’s blackmail and court a duke’s granddaughter. Miss Georgiana Addington is beautiful. She also has all the charm of a patch of nettles. At a loss as to how to properly court a lady, he enlists the aid of his seven-year-old nephew. Not the most practical choice, but any port in a storm. Nothing, however, prepares him for the gauntlet of tasks the lady sets for him. If blood loss from being fitted for a new wardrobe doesn’t kill him, attending the musicale from hell, getting lost in a maze or riding a horse for the first time may. No one told him a proper courtship would be so painful. The only thing more painful would be letting Georgiana go.

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