Your potential in a computer world…

In 1903, man made his first flight. Sixty years later, in 1969, we landed on the moon. Now, little more than half a century later, smartphones have more computing power than the computer on that first rocket to the moon. The metaverse has arrived. There is already talk that artificial intelligence has become self-aware, and the question now is: if this is true, where does this new intelligence fit into society?

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Yet, many of us remain mired in the technological stone age where, too often, even our most basic modern tool, the computer, is outdated. Change is difficult. It’s much easier to believe that we have been around too long to possibly go extinct. Sadly, we have many examples of businesses that hung their success on the belief that they were too old—and too big—to become irrelevant, right up to the moment they were forced to close their doors.

In this modern age, our best chance of staying relevant is to understand our unique potential in this fast-evolving world.

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