In every shadow, a shade of death…

“We the jury find the defendant, Rachel Iris Chester, guilty.” With those words, Sylvia Harbinger’s life as an NYPD detective is over. Sylvia is done with serial killers, done with therapy, and done with a New York City now rife with WHISPs—the creepy, grey shadows of her nightmares. She and husband Ben have a deal. She retires and they both move to Montana to escape the WHISP phenomenon. It is the only way to save their marriage after the Chester case, even if it leaves their WHISP-affected son, Lincoln, behind. Then the phone rings. Chester’s in jail, yet there’s been a copycat murder, and Sylvia can’t let the case go. If she missed something the first time, this new blood is on her hands. Ben gives her a month to work the case, but can their marriage survive that long? And as Sylvia digs deeper into the depths of the source of her phobia, how long will her sanity survive?

In every murmur, a breath of fear…

When the newly formed WHISP task force is called in to investigate a kidnapping and possible bioterrorism attack, NYPD Detective Sylvia Harbinger finds herself the middle woman between the NYPD and an extremist anti-WHISP organization, exposed to a WHISP virus, and having lengthy conversations with her own recently formed WHISP. Or is she only talking to herself?

With Ben and Lincoln backing her in the task force laboratory, she races to find the kidnapping victims and a cure, yet the terrorists always seem to keep one step ahead. Sylvia’s running out of leads and out of time, but giving up isn’t an option. One of the lives she saves may be her own.

In every dream, a current of nightmare…

Lincoln is gone and it’s all her fault. NYPD Detective Sylvia Harbinger once thought the world and its WHISPs had become the place of her nightmares, but now that her baby boy has been kidnapped by bioterrorists and taken halfway around the world, she knows what true nightmare is.

But Sylvia isn’t about to abandon her son.

She’ll do whatever it takes to get him back, even if it costs more than she ever thought possible to lose.

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