Sometimes, memory is more painful than death…

How can life continue when the desire to live is ripped away? That’s the question William McConnelly grapples with every day. He is frozen in time on the night his wife and son die in a house fire. Although his body goes through the motions of living, his reality resides in the past.

By the time his father-in-law asks him to scatter Cara’s and Sam’s ashes in the Irish hills of his homeland, Will has lost all ties to America and life. After all, he can rejoin his lost family in the hills of Drumkeeran as easily as he can in Fort Worth, Texas.

So, out of respect for all his father-in-law has suffered and done for him, Will agrees to the request and flies to Ireland.

Even before his plane touches the tarmac, the ancient magic of Irish lore awakens to Will’s desperate need. But is magic and an emerging belief in leprechauns and fairies enough to restore an interest in life, or are the dangerous quests Will undertakes in his reckless search for peace the final proof of his insanity?

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