She’s fire…he’s air. Together, their power is hot enough to melt steel.

Air Element, Erion, aches to feel the heat of Kenna’s emerging fire. However, merging with her while she is on the cusp of transformation risks enslaving her forever. But when a male Fire Element hunts Kenna in order to harness her power, Erion must break his vow not to join with another Element. The only way to protect her is to merge his wind with her fire.

Aspiring glassblower Kenna Lang is on the rise. A chance meeting with Erion ignites an attraction hotter than her glass furnace. Drawn together in an erotic joining she can’t prevent, they become more than human, and Kenna is born into fire. Now her world is going up in flames. Neither are prepared for the emotions awakened by their union…or the immortal battle waged against their kind. When Kenna disappears, Erion seeks out those he knows are responsible—their race’s sworn enemy, the shape-shifting dragons known as Drakaura.

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