No gentleman falls in love with his mistress… he’s no gentleman.

As the daughter of a well known madam, Juliet Thatcher knows more about men than she cares to—which is why she has no intention of following in her mother’s footsteps. Juliet agrees to her mother’s request that she attend Lady Peddington’s School for Young Ladies to prepare her for life as a courtesan. She hopes that the school year will give her time to convince her mother to allow her to pursue a career as a dressmaker, instead.

When Lady Peddington extorts from Juliet a game of cards with notorious rake Duke Hamilton, Juliet knows there’s only one way to deal with a man like him: beat him at cards, then disappear.

Carrick Hamilton, the Duke of Hamilton does not sustain long romances. But Sir Stirling James knows he simply hasn’t met a woman hot blooded enough to set his blood–and his heart–on fire. When Stirling challenges him to meet the woman Stirling swears he will marry, Carrick can’t resist the challenge.


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