Some bruises hidden by fame and glitter never heal…

Sixteen-year-old Rosalie has had a crush on celebrity, A-list actor Sam Urban for as long as she can remember. So, when Sam visits the diner where Rosalie works as a waitress and sits at one of her tables, she can hardly believe her luck and barely remembers how to take his order. Even more unbelievable is the interest he takes in her.

During a whirlwind courtship, Rosalie’s life becomes a Hollywood movie, full of glitz and glamor, with her as the leading lady. But Sam soon makes it clear that Rosalie’s role as his wife is a lifetime commitment, and the only way she’ll leave him is in a body bag.

All too soon, Rosalie needs more than acting skills to save her life and escape Sam’s iron-fisted control. But her greatest fear is that she’s waited too long to make her break for freedom.

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