Silk Aubrey

Born with her head in the clouds and an imagination that never seems to turn off, Silk Aubrey’s every waking moment is steeped in creativity. Reading was, and will always be Silk Aubrey’s comfort zone. With brave knights and daring dragons as some of her best friends, it was just a matter of time before her own ideas made their way onto paper.

Life’s never a straight path. Finding her passion, Silk Aubrey earned her BA and Masters of Music while living in Colorado. Although a dedicated educator and clarinetist, Silk Aubrey enjoys her odd jobs and meeting the rich characters that she works alongside. Road construction, horse wrangler, spinal technician, data miner, and security escort are just a few of the adventures she’s found for herself. Now residing in North England, Silk Aubrey loves traveling around Europe with her four cats-one of whom looks more like a human husband.

Scarsdale Rising Star

Silk Aubrey signed a three book contract for a reverse harem fantasy romance.