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Some Monsters Never DieMonsters and Mayhem Book 1

Richard always believed he’d enjoy a few golden years before Death’s bony hand reached for him. But what does he get? He gets to live across the hall from friggin’ Stanley Kapcheck with his shiny bald head and perfect teeth that are all his own; Stanley Kapcheck who struts around like a peacock in his leather coat. Honestly! What kind of respectable senior citizen wears leather? But Stanley isn’t your average senior citizen. He’s a Hunter—a slayer of all things unnatural. He reveals to Richard that the one monster that has eluded him is the same beast that killed Richard’s wife, and it’s due to kill again before the next new moon.

The two men load up on ibuprofen and prune juice and embark on a cross-country demon-hunting adventure, but when The Devil Herself kidnaps Stanley, Richard realizes the line between Hunter and hunted is very thin, indeed, and the ornery octogenarian only has a few days left to trap The Devil, save Stanley, and slay the monster who murdered his bride.

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