A single kiss has shattered his peace and solitude.

Captain Logan Graham hoped to find peace and solitude at Blackstone Abbey, but painful memories from the battlefield, along with his lingering injuries, refuse to let him rest. He’s not fit for polite company let alone a wife, especially not one as beautiful as the lady who arrives at his door at the behest of the Marriage Maker.

Fiona Ainsley is out of options. Desperate to find a way to keep herself and her brother out of a workhouse, she spends their last few coins to venture to the ruins of a remote abbey to meet her potential husband. But the grim man who greets her isn’t what she expected. Nor does he want her there. Yet the pain in Logan’s eyes draws her closer and makes her wonder if this Highlander could be her perfect match.

One kiss and Logan realizes there might be hope for a future after all, but only if he reveals a terrible secret that will surely send Fiona fleeing. Does he dare risk losing her for a chance at love?


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