Whether in the ballroom or the stables, love will have its way.

Love is worth breaking rank for…

England’s clumsiest lady? Lady T debuts in awkward style. – The London Examiner, Wednesday 23rd August, 1811.
After years of dreaming of her debut, Lilith finally entered into Society. However, Society was not ready for Lady Lilith. After stepping on too many toes, spilling wine on too many bosoms, and insulting everyone who was anyone, Lilith is ready to retire from Society altogether.

Her sister-in-law Catherine has other ideas. With a grand ball coming up, Catherine and her once-famed bluestocking sisters intend to ensure Lilith has another chance to find that elusive handsome gentleman who will sweep her off her feet.

But dreams of ballrooms and gentlemen in cravats have lost their appeal for Lilith, particularly after spending time with Harry, the stable-hand, with his rough charm and hard-working ways. How could she possibly look forward to spinning around ballrooms when she could curl up against his strong chest amongst the hay bales?

Lilith is beginning to wonder if she does not want a simpler life—one away from Society and all its judgement. Unfortunately, a relationship between a stable-hand and a lady could never be that simple…could it?

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