She loves him too much to keep him…

Miss Elizabeth Adams must save her beloved estate in order to remain there, and saving it requires Mr. Isaac Bell. The trouble is, in helping Elizabeth, Isaac risks losing everything he holds dear, including his heart. But what good is a heart when you have no home?

Spoiled, willful and blind to her own failings, Elizabeth begs her domineering grandmother for one final chance at happiness and a good life. In order to keep her home, she must prove she is both worthy of and capable of managing her family estate…but she is neither. Not until a stranger, stranded by a storm, enters her life.

To save his shop and protect his mother, Isaac agrees to assist Elizabeth, but every moment he’s helping her, he risks losing his livelihood and the very roof over his head. With ruin upon him, Isaac must either go back on his word or hope Elizabeth has finally learned to put the needs of another above her own.

If you enjoy face paced, lively and sweet Regency Romance, The Tailor and the Demoiselle is for you. Part of Scarsdale Publishing’s Once Upon a Kiss series, you’ll adore this new twist on a Beauty and Beast themed romance. Pick up your copy of The Tailor and the Demoiselle today.

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